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Here's a playlist featuring a few of my favorite black artists* from old to new school.

Plus Bobby Caldwell*

Black culture is making earth-shattering art out of the darkest parts of our history.

It’s Alvin Ailey’s Revelations, interpreting the journey from slavery to freedom through dance, set to African-American spirituals and gospel music.

It’s Michael and Janet Jackson performing Scream in the most expensive music video ever made, as a retaliation to public scrutiny and harassment.

It’s the Queen Bey reimagining the 1991 film, Daughters of the Dust, to turn the lemons of being a Black woman in America into her sweet LEMONADE.


I can remember exactly how I felt when I first encountered moments like these in Black history because they’ve all informed my understanding of the world at large and on a micro level, my taste in music. Black history is happening now and it’s everything to me, which is why I’m applying to the Shows & Editorial, Black History & Culture Fellowship.

Jessica Bain

Shows & Editorial, Black History & Culture Fellowship Candidate



In August 2017 I decided to start sharing my love of music, a major component of my self-care routine, through a weekly playlist called Scrumptious Sundays. During a period of doubt and uncertainty post-graduation, I turned to what I knew most and built a community out of it. My goal has been to create conversations and serve as a point of inspiration for people looking to hear new music and rediscover old favorites, featuring R&B/soul and hip hop.


For two years I served as an ambassador for Pretty Girls Sweat, a movement motivating young women to live healthy and active lifestyles. I produced inspiring social media content reaching over 20,000 people and worked with a team to create fun fitness events involving local instructors from the Western NY area.


For the street dance documentary, 

Memphis Majic, 

I worked with Visionary Media/ JaSaun Buckner on research about Memphis dance, music and culture as well as outreach to media outlets, social media influencers and dance companies. 

Let's Make Music Together.